How to Honeymoon at a Hawaii Resort Hotel

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The islands of Hawaii are some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. No matter which island you choose — Oahu, Lanai, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii or Molokai — you will find that romantic opportunities are as numerous as flowers. You might have your dreams fulfilled by a day of windsurfing, exploring tropical gardens, a trip to the sacred pools of Hana or a simple sunset. The warm weather, tropical breezes and unhurried Hawaiian lifestyle will enhance your honeymoon. Aloha!

A flower lei is a key element in a romantic Hawaii honeymoon.

A flower lei is a key element in a romantic Hawaii honeymoon.

Items you will need

  • Rental car
  • Sunscreen
  • Light rain jacket
Step 1Get leis as soon as possible. You can arrange for a lei service to have a pair of honeymoon leis presented to you at the airport. If you rent a car you might find a stand selling leis on your way to the hotel. If you are picked up by a shuttle, just buy your leis at the resort. The most beautiful and fragrant leis are made with pikaki, tuberose or plumeria flowers. An exchange of his-and-hers wedding leis is particularly romantic.

Step 2Head for the beach at sunrise. Your hotel will provide you with beach chairs and towels. Wear sunscreen, since the sun is relentless on most of the islands. On Kauai, the mornings and afternoons bring welcome showers, but the raindrops are big and warm, making the rain a pleasant and sensuous experience.

Step 3Ask the concierge or desk clerk to recommend a romantic and secluded spot for a picnic. They are accustomed to honeymooners and will know the perfect beach, waterfall or river. On the smaller islands many special hideaway nooks are accessible by bicycle or a short hike. On larger islands such as Oahu and Hawaii you will need a rental car.

Step 4Ask the hotel restaurant to prepare a picnic lunch for you and to provide you with a sharp knife. Stop by a fruit stand or local market for fresh pineapple or papaya that you can slice up to add to a tropical zest to your al fresco lunch.

Step 5Ask the hotel bartender as evening approaches to make you a pair of mai tai cocktails to go. Kick off your shoes, throw on your leis (they last a few days in the fridge) and head for the beach, drinks in hand. Enjoy the glorious sunset with the added glow of a mai tai.

Step 6Take a trip to Hana, Maui. If you are on one of the other islands you can get to Maui by boat, helicopter or small plane. Then you will need to rent a car to negotiate the long and winding Hana Highway, which is dotted with waterfalls and beautiful flowers. At the end of the road are the Seven Sacred Pools, a serene and romantic spot for honeymooners.

Step 7For old-time movie romance, visit the filming location of "South Pacific" in Hanalei Bay on Kauai. This 2-mile crescent beach is backed by gorgeous mountains and is never crowded. A favorite spot for world-class surfers, Hanalei often serves up massive waves and always has spectacular sunsets. Set the timer on your camera and get a picture of the two of you on this famous beach.


  • Hawaii locals are very friendly. Ask for tips about local restaurants or shopping areas.


  • Always wear sunscreen. A Hawaiian sunburn can ruin your honeymoon.
  • Hawaii, like any major tourist destination, has a high incidence of petty theft and pickpocketing. Do not leave valuables in your rental car or on the beach.


Raechel Donahue is an author, journalist and former features editor of the “Brentwood News.” Her specialties include travel, entertainment, film and music. She writes a daily radio comedy piece, runs a travel website and has written, produced and directed several documentaries for PBS and TLC.


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