Landmarks in Gabon, Africa

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Sharing borders with Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and the Republic of Congo in West Africa, Gabon remains one of the wealthiest and most stable countries in Africa. Gabon’s tourism is greatly underdeveloped, but in recent years, the country’s government has been promoting ecotourism in the small country. If you travel to Gabon, you will most likely find yourself in its capital, Libreville, home of the majority of landmarks in Gabon, Africa.

The flag of Gabon can be seen waving in front of the many government buildings on Boulevard Triomphal.

The flag of Gabon can be seen waving in front of the many government buildings on Boulevard Triomphal.

Presidential Palace

Gabon’s former president, Omar Bongo, ruled Gabon for almost 42 years, longer than any other country in the world without a monarchy. Famous for his lavish lifestyle and alleged corruption, Bongo built the Presidential Palace, Palais Presidentiel, in Libreville during the 1970s.The $800 million palace is so large it can be seen from the outer edges of Libreville. Even though visitors are not permitted inside the palace, you are able to view its spectacular design and take pictures from the outside.

Cathedral of St. Michael

The Cathedral of St. Michael, L’Eglise St-Michel, remains a landmark and tourist attraction in Gabon. Gabonese sculptor Zephyrin Lendogno and French Spiritan missionary Gerard Morel are credited with creating the prototype that was later used to build L’Eglise St-Michel. The cathedral is famous for its ornately carved columns. The 31 wooden columns, each depicting a biblical scene designed by Lendogno and Morel, were carved by a Gabonese blind man and are the focal point of St. Michael’s Cathedral in Libreville.

Cirque de Léconi

Cirque de Léconi is Gabon’s most famous physical landmark. Cirque de Léconi is a deep circular red rock canyon filled with loose sand. Cirque de Léconi is located in the far southeastern corner of Gabon near the Congolese border, a little less than 70 miles from Franceville. Although occasional taxis travel to Cirque de Léconi from Franceville, you will find it easier to rent a 4WD vehicle for your visit, because the area is undeveloped without trails.

Boulevard Triomphal

The Boulevard Triomphal is the main diplomatic artery of Libreville. Although Gabon’s longtime ruler, Omar Bongo, was accused of squeezing money out of the economy, he spent some of Gabon’s oil riches to develop Libreville into a modern city with a strong infrastructure, including building the Boulevard Triomphal. The Boulevard Triomphal is home to numerous landmark buildings and cultural points of interests in Libreville. Visitors can see the colorful Ministry of Forestry and Environment, the futuristic Ministry of Mines and Petrol, the Economic Ministry, the Senate and the Central Bank of Gabon.


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