Passport Requirements for the United States

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To pass through the United States borders, you must have a passport. This document allows you to leave and enter most countries, so it’s a good idea to apply for one even if you don’t have immediate travel plans. Fortunately, applying for a United States Passport is quite simple and you can apply for one as long as you are a United States citizen in good standing.


Fill out a United States Passport application. You can either print one from the website below (See Resources) or go to your nearest Passport Agency to pick one up. Call (877) 4-USA-PPT Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST in order to locate the agency closest to you. The US Passport application form will require information such as your social security number, contact information and other personal information. Note that you should not sign the application form until you are at the Passport Agency with an agent as your witness.


Go to your local pharmacy store (such as Walgreens or CVS), superstore (like Wal-mart or Target) or photo store to get your passport photos taken. You must provide two, full-color, passport sized photos. These photos are different from a typical photograph. They are 2-by-2 inches in size and only show a person from the shoulders up. The photo must be taken against a neutral background, as well. Many stores allow you to have your pictures within one hour and charge less than $15.


You need one piece of evidence that proves you are a United States citizen and one piece of evidence that serves as a form of identification. You need two separate documents for these requirements. Citizenship evidence includes: an expired (but undamaged) U.S. passport, birth certificate or naturalization certificate/certificate of citizenship. Identification documents include: valid driver’s license, government/military ID, an expired (but undamaged) passport or naturalization certificate.

Passport Agency

Locate your nearest Passport Agency by calling (877) 4-USA-PPT if you have not already done so. Go to the agency and present all of the above documents. The processing fee varies from state to state. After you submit your documents and pay the processing fee, your application for a United States Passport will begin processing. Expect to receive your completed passport within six weeks of submitting your application.


Wendy Rose Gould is a professional journalist who has contributed to “Glamour” magazine and the Huffington Post, among other publications. After internships at the “Indianapolis Business Journal,” “Kiwanis International” and “NUVO Newsweekly,” she earned B.A. degrees in journalism and philosophy from Franklin College in 2008. Gould specializes in health, beauty and fashion topics.

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