Three Great Blogs About Families Who Travel Full-Time

Three Great Blogs About Families Who Travel Full-Time
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Many couples dream of the day when their children are out of the house, so that they can buy an RV and travel the country. Then there are the couples who dream of packing their children up in an RV and traveling the country with their entire family. If you belong to the latter group and spend your days dreaming about traveling the country in an RV with your family then you might want to check out these three great blogs written by families who are living on the road with their families.

The Simpson Six

The Simpson Six is a blog that follows the Simpson family. The family has four children who range in age between two and seven. Their blog features information about homeschooling, places they have visited, and even includes links that many who are considering a life on the road might find interesting. My favorite post is the one entitled 10 Things We’d Do Differently. The post which obviously is about things they would do differently, actually contains a lot of helpful information for families who are considering a life on the road with their family.

The Lundy 5

Another family that is spending time on the road traveling with their family and sharing about it on their blog is the Lundy Family. The Lundy family has currently been on the road for three years now so they have plenty of experiences to share. The Lundy family’s blog The Lundy 5 is full of information about homeschooling, cooking, their adventures along the way, and life in an RV. One of the things that I like best about The Lundy 5 blog is that they include plenty of pictures as well as videos on their blog, which really inspire you to get on the road as well.

Happily Uprooted

The Hodgkiss Family is another family that spends their time on the road traveling with their two sons, ages three and five, in their forty foot travel trailer while blogging about their adventures on their blog Happily Uprooted. The family’s blog features plenty of posts that include plenty of information on road-schooling (homeschooling while on the road), geocaching, cooking, crafts, and information on the family’s travels. I love the part of their blog labeled “Our Home” that features pictures of the family’s travel trailer. I love how they have decorated their travel trailer, and seeing how they have made the most of their small space.


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